A relaxing space that only adults understand.

An oasis of relaxation located in the busiest area of Roppongi.

Enjoy our dishes and courses at our comfortable retreat for adults where the interior and materials are given with attention. Be at the counter, table, and room.

Please enjoy a number of superb cuisine, properly grilled skewers over charcoal fire. 

We look forward to your visit.

Each dish is grilled over charcoal fire to perfection

We specialized in grilling our dishes with attention to the taste and ingredients.

Bringing out the flavor of the carefully selected ingredients, we use a slightly sweet salt of France Loire, and grill over the finest Bincho charcoal of Kishu Wakayama.

Reward Yourself

Enjoy the best luxury at the heart of Roppongi.
Spend a relaxing time away from your busy life.

Make Time for that Special Person

Have an elegant dinner with a client, a friend or a beloved.

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